February 7, 2023

Australian officials released a statement explaining that although McGrath tested positive and had mild symptoms, she was allowed to play after consulting with team and match officials along with the group of clinical experts to analyze the Commonwealth Games Association’s results.

“McGrath presented to team management with mild symptoms on Sunday and then retested positive,” Commonwealth Games Australia (CGA) said. She was named to the starting lineup in the draw and approved by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for her participation in the final.

“In consultation with the CGF (Commonwealth Games Federation) and the ICC, Cricket Australia medical staff have implemented a set of comprehensive protocols that will be observed throughout the match and in the post-match activity to reduce the risk of serving to all players and officials.

“The CGA has maintained a comprehensive COVID-19 risk mitigation strategy for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, with testing protocols above those required by the Birmingham 2022 Organizing Committee.”

The CGA has not identified the existing protocols and will not provide any further comment.

“I think it was handled very well from an Australian point of view,” said Beth Mooney, who hit Australia with her gold medal hanging around her neck. “After setting protocols and making sure everyone on the team felt as comfortable as she was playing, they did all the right things.

“Obviously towards ejaculation it got a little hairy there for a while but I think it’s no different if someone is playing and they have a cold or the flu.

“In my opinion, the right decision was made and we just went out and played it.

“It was nothing under our control, the people who get paid to make those decisions are the ones who made them.”

McGrath did not line up with her teammates during the national anthems. However, I went out for the racket without wearing a face mask.

She was Australia’s top scorer in Birmingham coming to the final, but against India she faced only four balls before being sent off for two.

When McGrath got off the field, she didn’t return to the dugout. She sat away from her teammates.

“It was unusual but we had our doctor on tour and we were listening to everything she had to say,” said Ashley Gardner, director of the center in Australia. “She said it was safe for her to play, and we obviously didn’t mix with her, so we all felt like we were safe enough there.

“It was just one of those things that had to happen to someone in this competition and unfortunately it was her.”

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