February 7, 2023

On Sunday on ABC News’ This Week, Democrat for America CEO Yvette Simpson called on “overwhelmingly” unpopular President Joe Biden not to run for re-election until Vice President Kamala Harris can replace him.

Simpson argued that the “strong” vice president “should be” next in line for the presidency and lamented that Biden had not kept his promises.

“I think that [Biden] Simpson announced. “I mean, you know, his numbers are very low, overwhelmingly. The poll came that the Democrats didn’t want him to run. I mean, when people rallied around him to be president, there was an expectation that he wouldn’t run again, and that he was actually going to enable someone to run. Who would that person be, I don’t know.”

Host George Stephanopoulos interrupted him, “Don’t you say Kamala Harris is the heiress apparent?”

“It should be,” Simpson replied. “I don’t know she’s in a position to do that. She should have been in a strong position and able to actually be someone who could lead, and she was in the back. And I think she should be empowered to be the leader. She’s strong. She’s young. She’s able to get On energy, but we haven’t seen her strong, and I don’t know why the Biden administration didn’t put it that way. It has to be her because there would be outrage if the vice president, especially the first African-American and Asian female vice president, was skipped.”

She continued, “But they have to do a lot of work to get her in that seat so we can see her strong, and that has to be the work we have to do now – not sticking with the spots of a battered Biden for sure, he didn’t deliver on the promises he made. In bipartisanship and getting the kind of work he said he would do.”

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