February 6, 2023

New York City Mayor Eric Adams asked for help from the federal government as buses carrying immigrants sent into the city by Texas Governor Greg Abbott arrived.

In a tweet on Sunday, Mr. Adams said the Texas governor “used innocent people as political pawns to manufacture a crisis.”

“New Yorkers are coming forward to fix it — these are the values ​​of our city,” he said. “But we need the help of the federal government – money, technical assistance, more.”

In April, Abbott began Operation Lone Star by sending buses with illegal immigrants arriving in Texas on the southern border to Washington, DC.

The governor said his efforts, widely criticized by critics as a “political ploy,” would help alleviate border communities that find themselves “overwhelmed by record numbers of illegal crossings while bringing the border crisis to President Biden’s doorstep.”

“Now, Washington, D.C., must realize, to the minimum extent possible, exactly what Texas has to deal with as a result of the open border policies that the Biden administration has allowed,” Abbott said in a press release shortly. After Easter, they praised the program for its success in providing “relief” to the people of Texans.

On Friday, Abbott announced he had begun sending buses to New York after previously denying Mr. Adams’ claims that immigrants being sent from Texas overwhelm the city’s homeless shelters.

On Sunday, Mr. Adams visited a bus stop in New York to pick up the next bus.

“This is awful, when you think about what the governor is doing,” he said in the hall, according to Politico. Some families were on the bus who wanted to go to other locations, and were not allowed to. They were forced to take the bus.”

“Our goal is to immediately know each family’s needs and give them the help they want.”

According to recent estimates, more than 200 buses have arrived in Washington, D.C. since the operation began, with more than 4,000 immigrants — costing Lone Star taxpayers about $1,400 per passenger, according to an NBC 5 investigation in Dallas.

Earlier in July, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser asked the Biden administration to request National Guard assistance to receive bus-borne immigrants.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin rejected Ms Bowser’s request and said the move would “negatively affect the readiness” of the force.

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