February 6, 2023

Senator Mark Kelly (Democrat from A to Z) voted against an amendment to President Joe Biden to develop a five-year program for oil and gas in the Gulf of Mexico even though he had previously urged the president to do so.

Before the Democrats passed the “reducing inflation” bill, Senator John F. Kennedy (R-LA) proposed an amendment to the massive spending bill that would cause the Biden administration to develop a plan for gas and oil in the Gulf of Mexico based on the letter Manchin and Kelly wrote on March 31.

“We are writing to urge you to develop and implement a new five-year program for oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico without delay,” Kennedy reportedly said.

Speaking on the floor of the US Senate, Kennedy said his “amendment would satisfy that request and make it a congressional directive.”

Senator Brian Schatz (Democrat from Hay) urged a “no” vote on the amendment, arguing that it “would jeopardize the entire package.”

“All I’m going to do is take Senator Manchin’s letter and Senator Kelly’s letter, well written and well justified, and make it a congressional directive. That’s all it does,” concluded Kennedy.

When the amendment was put to a vote, Mark Kelly issued a “No.”

The Democratic-controlled Senate passed the massive spending package on Sunday, which is said to be aimed at reducing the deficit and curbing inflation while “extending bolstered support for Obamacare, spending more than $300 billion on climate change programs, and allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, according to For Breitbart News.

The bill passed along partisan lines after the moderate Manchin struck a deal with Biden after months of resistance. Vice President Kamala Harris provided the cut-off vote.

In a statement after the vote, the Republican National Committee chairwoman said Democrats will face consequences during the November midterm elections.

“Democrats will pay the price in November to raise taxes on families during the recession,” McDaniel told Breitbart News.

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