February 6, 2023

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (right) responded Sunday to Kansas voters’ rejection of an amendment that would have eliminated language in the state constitution guaranteeing the right to abortion.

Christie argued that the Kansas vote showed the “artificial hysteria” of Democrats over the Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs vs Women’s Health Jackson That the constitution does not include the right to abortion has been “undermined”.

“I think that’s what’s going to happen across the country, George,” Christie told host George Stephanopoulos. People like me have been saying for decades that states should make these calls, and now states will make these calls. And I think that’s why whoever says well, that means abortion will be banned across the country when Dobbs The decision came. You know, it’s going to change and it’s going to vary from state to state, and sometimes you’ll get results that don’t look consistent with the color of the state, where, in this case, Kansas, a very red state, was in that direction.”

“That’s why I think a lot of the artificial hysteria that got into some aspects of the Democratic Party is undermined by this outcome in Kansas,” he added. People will make their own decisions. Legislatures will decide. Indiana did something very different. That’s how it’s going to work across the country.”

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