January 30, 2023

Police said four people in a golf cart were killed — including two juveniles — when a drunk man driving an SUV ran a stop sign at an intersection in southeast Texas.

Miguel Espinosa, 45, has been charged with four counts of manslaughter in the plane crash around 11:30 p.m. Saturday in Galveston, about 50 miles southeast of Houston, police said.

Police said Espinosa was being held at the Galveston County Jail on Sunday on $400,000 bond. Prison records did not mention a lawyer for him.

Galveston Police Sgt. Derek Gaspard said that after the car failed to stop, it collided with a pickup truck, and then hit the golf cart with six people on board. He said the golf cart and truck were going in opposite directions through an intersection on a street with no stop sign.

Police said the adult driver of the golf cart was pronounced dead at the scene while a woman and two youngsters on the golf cart were taken to hospital, where they died. Police said the other two passengers – an adult and a juvenile – were taken to hospital on Sunday in critical condition.

Residents of the neighborhood said CBS Houston Branch KHOU-TV That accident was shocking.

“The image of the children of them will never leave my mind,” Donna Bekema told KHOU.

Police said Espinosa, who lives in Rosenberg, Houston, and his passenger sustained minor injuries. They were taken to hospital and later released.

Gaspard said the occupants of the truck were not injured. The names and ages of the dead were not immediately released.

Gaspard said he believed the golf cart, which was rented, was operating legally on City Street. He said that members of two different families were in a golf cart at the time of the accident.

Galveston Mayor Craig Brown said golf carts have become “a prolific means of transportation” for residents and visitors to the island’s resort area, which is on the Gulf of Mexico.

Brown said the city has in the past drawn up ordinances aimed at making its operation safer, and will consider additional ordinances at the upcoming city council meeting.

“I was out last night,” Brown said. “The island was crowded and there were golf carts – apartment carts as well as rental golf carts – all over these streets.”

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