February 6, 2023

Well, summer is almost over – if you’re my kids.

Summer itself will last until September 21 this year, with fall kicking off on the 22nd. But my kids are going back to school next Wednesday. What a problem to have such lovely days and have to be stuck in the classroom. They should go to school outside until it cools off. Kids need to learn how to play outside better these days anyway!

** Shakes fist when pulling **

Anyway, come rain or shine, school or summer – winter, spring or fall – we’ll be here doing our daily Wordle. I had my best guesses months ago in the present day, which I consider a good omen.

Let’s take a look at Wordle #414 on this beautiful Saturday.

Today’s Wordle #414 Hint and Answer

But of course there are spoilers. You have been warned!

Hint: You can do this to your political opponents, or to bake your own butter.

the answer:

Holy cow! I got it in just two! I can’t even remember the last time I got a Wordle in just two guesses. Fabulous!

The World Bot honestly didn’t know what to say other than “You, Eric, are a god among men and should be the venomous king of all worlds! Your puzzle-solving ingenuity is obviously limitless! He praises you!”

I paraphrase.

In any case, Shame, Which I tried because I had such good luck shine Recently, I got one green and four yellow. I fiddled with ‘AME’ and quickly decided that the word would likely end with an ‘R’ and you guessed it Tinge. we will, Shame Leaving me with only two possible answers, it turns out: Tinge And the steam And I was lucky enough to guess the right one.

Are you lucky? Why, luck has nothing to do with it! Just incredible talent, obviously!

Have a nice weekend, dear ones. Stay safe and be great to each other.

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