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The Apple Watch 8 could look a lot like the Apple Watch 7

Bad news if you’re counting on a major redesign of the Apple Watch 8 when it comes out later this year: the latest rumor about the smartwatch is that its design will remain largely unchanged from what we got with the current version.

This comes from Tipster shrimp (Opens in a new tab) (Across XDA Developers (Opens in a new tab)), and specifically refers to the “base” or standard version of the wearable device. There may still be some aesthetic tweaks to the premium version of the watch, if Apple releases one.

There were rumors about the Apple Watch 7 that a flat-edged design was in the pipeline, but the 2021 model ended up looking much like the hardware that came before it. Now it looks like the Apple Watch 8 will follow suit.

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The same again

The same source begs for some additional tidbits of information about the Apple Watch 8. Obviously we’ll be getting the same 41mm and 45mm sizes this year, which means all existing replacement bands will work with the new. Models.

It appears that there will be no new sensors on the watch, while the colors in the pipeline are said to be midnight, starlight, red and silver for the aluminum version, and graphite silver for the stainless steel version.

As for when we’ll see this wearable, the Apple Watch 7 debuted on October 15, though previous versions were released in September – so September or October seems like a good bet this time around, too.

Analysis: If it’s not broken…

While it may be disappointing that Apple apparently didn’t change anything with the design of the Apple Watch 8, it’s also fair to say that the current design of the smartwatch is a classic and iconic design – and Apple shouldn’t be in a rush to change it is.

Then there are all the straps, chargers, and accessories that have been released for the Apple Watch over the years. Modifying the form factor of the device means that it does not fit easily or comfortably into the current ecosystem of products.

However, there is hope that Apple will offer something new this time around. Some rumors point to a rugged or extreme version of the Apple Watch, which may upset the wearable’s aesthetics, at least to some extent.

If the rumored wearable is going to power the likes of Garmin outdoor watches, you’ll want a more durable exterior, and perhaps better screen protection. We’ll have to wait and see what Apple has planned – but as soon as anything becomes official, we’ll report it on TechRadar.

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