January 30, 2023

On Twitter, Crockett vehemently opposed halfboconclusions, say It “never mentioned or implied that the right to vote of disabled or non-English speaking citizens should be questioned”.

Crockett has the support of the state’s Republican Party in her candidacy for Secretary of State, who is responsible for overseeing the elections. If she wins the primary on Tuesday, she will face incumbent Minnesota Democrat Steve Simon in the general election.

as such halfbo Notes, this isn’t the only time Crockett has made bigoted statements. She made headlines in 2019 when, as president of a right-wing think tank, she spoke to The New York Times About Somali resettlement efforts in Minnesota. “I think of America, the great absorber, as a rubber band, but with this—we are on the verge of collapse,” Crockett Tell The times. “These are not people who come from Norway, let’s put it that way. These people are very visible.”

Earlier this year, at the state Republican convention, Crockett played an anti-Semitic campaign video George Soros, a Jewish billionaire and frequent benefactor to liberal causes, is portrayed as a puppet master controlling Simon, a Jew.

Crockett is among the number A propagandist of the Republican Party’s biggest lie – claiming that the 2020 election was stolen – and running for Secretary of State positions in swing states across the country. These individuals, including Jim Merchant of Nevada, Mark Finchim of Arizona, and Christina Karamo of Michigan, could play pivotal roles in determining the outcome of the upcoming election. All three were approved by the eventual Big Lie champ and potential 2024 nominee, Donald Trump.

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