February 6, 2023

Renton, Washington – There is no summer place for an NFL like this and the day I was here the blue angels were flying around (that’s not a metaphor, they were here for an event called Seafair), the sky was crystal clear, the temperature was 80 degrees with no Humidity on the shores of Lake Washington. There was some football there too…

1) The laying of the Seattle Corner is really interesting. Reclamation Projects Artie Burns and Sidney Jones get their first crack as starters. But two rookies are pushing them. Fourth-placed Kobe Bryant, a Thorpe winner from Cincinnati, is already starting to pick up with the first team and looks like a potential run-and-play player with a chance to be there during the first week. from UTSA has impressed his teammates on both sides of the ball with his combination of size and athletic performance. Who will play where still needs to know. But the Seahawks seem to have some options in the position.

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