December 3, 2022

Street. Paul, Minnesota – Marco Rossi He has high hopes that when the Minnesota Wild makes their inaugural night roster, his name will be on the roster this season.

The No. 9 pick in the 2020 NHL Draft spent the majority of the 2021-22 season, his first in North America, playing in Iowa State in the Major League Hockey League. Rossi played two games with Wilde and had no point.

“I feel ready,” Rossi said. “Last season, it was really good for me. I could have played a lot at Iowa. I played in every situation, and I played a lot, so I think that was the best thing for me to get better as a player. I feel ready now.”

The departure of the attackers Kevin Vialawhich was traded with the Los Angeles Kings on June 30, and Nick Bjstad And Nic Deslauriers, who were both free agents, are creating an opportunity this season for the 20-year-old centre.

“Rossi has to succeed,” said Bill Geren, Wilde’s general manager. “It’s competitive, so we want these guys to push for jobs. If they can come in and push and have the team help us win, that’s great.”

Rossi led the Iowa team in assists (35) and tied for first place on points (53) in 63 games last season. It was a fine recovery after he missed most of the 2019-20 season due to COVID-19 and then was diagnosed with myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle, after reporting to Wilde’s training camp in early January. He played one match for FC Zurich in the National League and four matches with Austria in the 2021 IIHF World Junior Championships, all before the end of December, before resuming training in June 2021.

Last season, Rossi put health concerns behind him and worked to sharpen his game against the big men in the NHL.

Brad Bombardier, Wild’s director of player development, noted that for gamers, especially those with skills like Rossi, patience can be a challenge. He said he was glad he was kissed by a Russian.

“There is always a goal to play in the National Hockey League as quickly as possible,” Bombardier said. “But it wouldn’t hurt for a player to play in the American Hockey League. I think being over-mature is a lot better than not being immature.

“He should come to training camp and play his game and do well. If he does, and he takes a place, that’s great. If he doesn’t, he’ll start in the NHL, and at some point come back here. He’ll be here eventually.”

Rossi said he knows nothing will be handed to him this season.

“Of course I know that in the training camp you have to earn that place,” Rossi said. “No one is giving it to you. So, you just have to be prepared for it then.

“Just be myself. That’s it.”

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