February 6, 2023

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-Ge) said Saturday that “nobody can convince her” that the rioters behind the January 6 attack on the Capitol were not anti-fascist protesters and that she “can’t wait for a real investigation,” in Clear contempt for the House Committee’s year-long investigation.

was green talking to a colleague Mike Lindell, the 2020 election conspiracy theorist, also known as My Pillow Guy, after attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas when she made her unsupported claims and shared her shock at the violence that occurred that day.

“I was very upset. I didn’t expect anything like that. And when it happened, I thought this was Antifa, no one can convince me that they are so-called Trump supporters, we know there are a lot of mistakes, and I can’t wait for a real investigation,” she said. , while pointing a finger at Anti-fascist protesters.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, who was seen attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas, said,
Representative Marjorie Taylor Green, who was seen attending the Conservative Political Action Conference in Texas, said “no one can convince her” that the rioters behind the January 6 attack on the US Capitol were not anti-fascist leftists.

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The House of Representatives continues to investigate the attack Distinguished sworn certificate A supporter of former President Donald Trump, he detailed how Trump’s rhetoric and his election loss fueled their decision to invade the Capitol. A former White House aide testified Trump knew his supporters were armed He threatens them with violence when he urges them to walk to the Capitol.

Despite this and other mounting evidence to the contrary, Green continued to call for the federal government’s response to the riots – which led to more than 800 arrests and more than 200 criminal sentences. By the US Attorney’s Office – “Political persecution”. At the same time, she said that those who did things “that they shouldn’t have done” should be treated better while behind bars.

“Well, they were accused of things they shouldn’t have done, well, it happened, they deserve their day in court, they deserve their due process rights, but frankly, my God, what is happening to these people is so heartbreaking,” she said. “I was in that prison, and I saw them, it’s so sad. They didn’t shower, they didn’t have a haircut, they couldn’t shave because they weren’t vaccinated. They were treated worse if they weren’t vaccinated, but which country are we?”

Greene added that the pro-life activists who recently made headlines for a rally outside the home of Maryland Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh should be in jail.

Greene went back and forth on whether she believed Trump supporters were involved in destruction and violence. It left five dead.

Back in April Some of her text messages To then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, during the 2021 attack, it was posted, in which she revealed that she believed the protesters were members of Antifa “dressed as Trump supporters.” but it also I asked Meadows to urge Trump To appease the rioters, which Trump would not likely have done had they been members of the Antifa movement, given that many members of this movement are far left and anti-Trump.

“Please tell the president to calm the people down,” her text message read. “This is not the way to solve anything.”

after a day , She once again texted Meadows Which suggests that Trump supporters were indeed implicated, but were desperate and “incited” by Antifa.

I don’t think President Trump caused the attack on the Capitol. This is not his fault. Antifa mixed in and agitated the crowd, and unfortunately the people followed him. But when people try everything and nobody listens and nothing works, I think they think they have no other choice,” she wrote.

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