January 30, 2023

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How worried are the Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford? It has been described as “bad tendinitis”, But the defending Super Bowl champion plays down the pain.

Stafford says it’s “just a little sore”, which will be good news for the midfielder and team looking to repeat this year.

The 34-year-old cited his performance in his training camp as proof that the problem is not as bad as some say.

“I don’t know if you guys are watching, I felt like I could do any throw I wanted today. I just try to be smart when I get these chances to make sure I can get out here, stop it, release it like I did today and go from there,” via Stafford NFL.com.

Stafford is clearly optimistic that it won’t affect his regular season play much, but that’s clearly a question that won’t be answered until the time comes.

Didn’t throw up during spring workouts due to elbow pain. Coach Sean McVeigh announces that the team is easing the workload of Stafford In order to help prevent the problem from getting worse.

McVeigh said Stafford could skip it, but says there’s no reason to pay When the team is confident in their quarterback And his ability to be ready when the season starts even without working 100% every season.

Treatment of the infection so far has included an anti-inflammatory injection.

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