February 7, 2023


The Las Vegas Raiders surprised the NFL world during the Hall of Fame Game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, starting Josh Jacobs in multiple drives and scoring seven massive touches in the show game.

The freshmen don’t play much – if any – in this particular game before the season, which has led to some speculation about Jacobs’ future. but, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media Reports that the Raiders’ top runners are not in the trade block, saying the team has “no plans” to trade it in.

New Raiders coach Josh McDaniels I tried to explain Why Jacobs played more than expected last Thursday night, saying he wants his appearance to experience some real action in the game.

“I always think it’s good to show up to have the ball in pre-season,” McDaniels said after the game. “There are a lot of things that happen when you are dealt and hit that you can’t simulate in practice. I think all of our players got the ball tonight. I think all the guys either caught it or took the ball and took it to face him. We can’t really simulate that or delegate that. practically.”

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The 24th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft out of Alabama comes from a season in which he scored 1,220 scrimmage yards and nine total touchdowns. However, the team declined to pick his fifth year option, which means Jacobs will be a free agent next season.

Rapoport makes a good argument for why raiders don’t want to trade the top back. For example, it is their obvious start, but it also comes very cheap in 2022, with a base salary of $2.12 million, in Spotrak. It’s true that the Raiders have several other contestants who will get touches like Brandon Bolden, Ameer Abdullah and rookie Zamir White, but Jacobs is the most experienced as a rookie in this organization.

What happens with Jacobs next offseason will certainly be something to watch, but Vegas is reportedly not looking to move on from it at this point.

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