December 3, 2022

While appearing on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Harvard law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz weighed in on President Joe Biden’s low approval numbers.

He suggested that Biden being a “one-term president” might be the best for the Democratic Party in the long run.

“[A]Host Maria Bartiromo said. “President Biden’s endorsements and support among his party are clearly fading away.”

“Well, he has to make up his mind now,” replied Dershowitz. “He has to decide to either run or get out and make room for others. If he doesn’t run, the field will be too wide. There is no clear candidate. If Trump wins, most likely, Biden can beat him again. But if DeSantis runs, most likely, he won’t. Biden can defeat him.”:

“So I think Democrats have to make sure that the same mistake that Ruth Bader Ginsburg did, not to retire on time and allow a conservative Republican to take office, can’t be made,” Dershowitz added. “Look, President Biden was the modern-day President Ford. He calmed things down. Things settled. Ford was a one-term president. Perhaps the best thing for Democrats would be for Biden to be one-term president.”

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