December 3, 2022

The two players on the receiving end of ScholesCriticism was silence McTominay and unique. The midfield duo failed to control the match and were bullied by Graham Potter.

United found themselves two goals behind in the first half after Pascal Gross scored twice in ten minutes.

The legend of the red devils Scholes They described their performance in the first half as “brave”.

Scholes He told Premier League productions: “It was a shocking start for Man United and the first half was really scary.

“There were signs from the first few minutes that this was going to be bad.”

Then he criticized the former England midfielder McTominay and unique.

he added: “McTominay He was always trying to run with the ball, that’s ridiculous. The quality in the middle of the field was really bad.

“I was glad he wasn’t fired [for a high challenge] But I think he was a little lucky. Again, he’s running around with the ball, it’s just so ridiculous. It could easily have been a red card. The quality in the midfield wasn’t good enough, but we’ve seen that in the past few years with these two guys.

“With Fred and McTominayhe is [Ten Hag] You’ll only have to go with one of them but one of them will probably be too much.

“Fred gives the ball away all the time and McTominayHe tries to run with the ball constantly and then gives it away. Pass it to your best players! It’s not that hard. He’s a criminal on a day like today.”

After the match, Ten Hag expressed his disappointment with the result.

Tell Sky Sports: “It’s definitely a setback, a real disappointment, but we have to deal with it. I knew from the start that it wouldn’t be easy, it’s a process that takes time, but we don’t have time. We have to win games and we should have done better.”

“I analyzed it and it wasn’t necessary. We made a lot of easy balls and the organization was a huge mistake. That was not the way we did it, we made it clear how to deal with certain situations when we intervene. But it happens, we have to analyze it and draw lessons from it” .

United will now have to dust themselves off and do even better next weekend when they travel to Brentford.

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