February 6, 2023

The deadline for the MLB trade in the rearview mirror is summer days. Just over eight weeks into the 2022 regular season and the post-season races are really starting to heat up. Let’s dive into what you need to know about this weekend’s work.

Weekend Highlight: A Tribute to Finn Scully

The world lost the sports broadcasting industry giant earlier this week. The great Finn Scully passed away at the age of 94. Scully called the Dodgers games for 67 years, beginning when the team was still in Brooklyn, before retiring in 2016. On Friday, the Dodgers played their first home game since Scully’s death, and the pre-game honors ceremony was moving and emotional.

Scully is believed to have called up more than 9,000 matches in his career, including 18 games without a hitter and three perfect games. Here are 10 of his most memorable calls.

The NL Central race has been upended since the trade deadline. On the morning of the deadline, the Brewers held a two-game lead over the Cardinals. St. Louis have not lost since, having made a perfect 6-0 since, including a home sweep of the Yankees this weekend. Nolan Arenado had a big hit in Sunday’s 12-9 victory with Homer in three runs against new Yankee Frankie Montas. This series marked the first time the Yankees were swept away in a three-game series (or four games) this year.

Meanwhile, the beer machines are 1-5 since the trade deadline. They were swept up in Pittsburgh earlier this week and blew up a late lead in all three games after Josh Hader was sent off. Then they dropped two out of three at home to the Reds this weekend. Devin Williams, closest after Hader, coughed twice in the 10th inning and lost on Sunday.

In less than a week, the Cardinals went from two games behind the Brewers to two games over the Brewers. The two teams still have seven tied games left, including three next weekend in St. Louis, but the content of this division has changed dramatically in a short period of time.

I’m not sure the national team will have 45 wins this season. After Sunday’s loss, they are 36-74, and they have just traded their top two hitters. The Phillies beat them 45-12 in a four-game sweep this weekend and outsmarted them 14-1, cutting one game to five rounds due to rain. Rhys Hoskins delved into all four games.

The Velez’s record is the Homers in five consecutive games done multiple times: Odúbel Herrera (2018), Hoskins (2017), Chase Utley (twice in 2008), Bobby Abreu (2005), Mike Schmidt (1979), and Dick Allen (1969). ) . Philadelphia is out on Monday, then Hoskins will be looking to delve deeper into his fifth game in a row on Tuesday against Marlins leftist Braxton Jarrett.

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Field of Dreams game: The MLB returns to Iowa next Thursday with its second (annual?) Field of Dreams game in Dyersville. This year’s Field of Dreams won’t feature much sponsor racing drama – it’s Cubs vs. Reds Although baseball in different places is always fun, and if last year’s game is any indication, we’re in for some fireworks. The Yankees and White Sox combined for eight home runs at last year’s Field of Dreams game, including multiple changes in the ninth inning.

Brewers at Cardinals (three games): The Cardinals are so hot, the brewers are cold, and St. Louis entered play on Sunday with a pole position alone for the first time since June 22. Needless to say, these three games at Busch Stadium are going to be hugely important in the NL Central Race, especially given what comes next. After the series in St. Louis, the Brewers will play seven of their next 10 games against the Dodgers. The Cardinal will play 11 games against the Rockies, Diamondbacks, and Cubs. The crucial few weeks at NL Central are on the horizon.

Orioles at Rays (three games): The Orioles rookie find themselves just two games behind Reyes in third and final in the MLS. The two AL East contenders will play three games at Tropicana Field next weekend, so it’s entirely possible that Baltimore will be in a post-season spot by the time you read the recap next weekend. The seasonal series is 8-8 with Rays having a 5-1 edge in the house. This is the last streak of the regular season between these two clubs and remember there is no more tiebreak for the 163rd game. All relationships are mathematically severed now, even links where one team does postseason and the other won’t. The winner of the upcoming weekend series will hold the tiebreak if both teams finish the same record.

Yankees Red Sox (3 games): A professional baseball writer’s bylaws require that I mention the Yankees and Red Sox’s renewal The Rivalry™ next weekend at Fenway Park even though it will (probably) be a first-place team against a last-placed team, and we all sate the Yankees Red Sox. Ironically aside, the Yankees and Red Sox tend to play action-packed matches no matter where each team is in the standings. If you are a Chaosball fan, this is the series for you.

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