September 25, 2022

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs Training Camp

Finding a good player in the NFL these days seems like a tough request. Multiple teams rotate each year through multiple kickers, but perhaps these clubs should start exploring options on their own rosters. This week, Justin Reed, the Kansas City Chiefs Safety, posted a video of him shooting a 65-yard field goal in practice.

Check out the huge kick, here:

The former Houston Texans defensive linebacker is actually somewhat Known for his kicking ability. In fact, last year he interfered with kicker center Kimmy Fairburn in pre-season after Fairburn was injured in pre-match training.

While that kick wasn’t in game and Reed wasn’t dealing with defenders trying to block it, only one kicker scored a 65-yard or longer field goal last year in the NFL, and that was the Baltimore Ravens’ Justin Tucker, who converted a 66-yard field goal won the game and set a record for the Detroit Lions.

Red signed For three years, $31.5 million Which includes a $20 million guarantee with the Chiefs this offseason. In 57 games during his career, he scored 315 combined tackles, 23 defensive passes, and seven interceptions. The Chiefs have a powerful Harrison Butker volley, but it’s nice to know that they have another player on the roster who can step in and hit the kick if you land on them.

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