October 3, 2022

Messi put in an excellent performance in Paris Saint-Germain’s opening game of the new season on Saturday.

But it wasn’t just his goal’s contributions that got fans swooning during a sparkling outing.

Messi looked like he’s back to his best after a disappointing season last season.

He was very impressive in the offensive third, dropping deep to catch the ball to dictate play.

The 35-year-old showed off his playmaking skills, splashing the ball over the garden and seemingly fully integrated into the team.

Twitter user @Total Share a clip of Messi’s individual highlights that make it amazing to watch.

Needless to say, his performance made social media run wild.

One Twitter user wrote: “He scored an over-the-head kick, but his play making was unrivaled as always. Line-breaking passes, how he carried the ball forward, how he slid down the field, fantastic.”

And a second tweet: “Mastering the playmaking industry and scoring goals in one match.”

A third added: “35 and we are still playing like a young player.”

Another commented, “He’s already back.”

Paris Saint-Germain president Christophe Galtier spoke glowingly about Messi and revealed the conversation he had with the star striker in pre-season.

“I spoke to Liu during our stay in Japan, as well as with the defense sector to try to ensure that he can deliver to the best of his ability all the time,” he said.

“He is very sharp and very clear tactically. He sees very quickly what he has to be, the way he has to put himself to play. He is in an area that he loves. He loves to play with the players around him. When Leo smiles, the team smiles too.”

And about his goal, Galtier added: “Are you surprised by what he did? No, but I loved the goal. He has been playing at the highest level for 17 years. He had a difficult season last year, he was adapting. Every season before that he scored at least 30 goals.

“Since he has had a full pre-season, settled into his family life and at the club, there is no reason why he could not have a great season. When he teams up with Kylian, we will have more attacking power.”

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