December 3, 2022

While there were more designer items than I used to see at my local TJ Maxx, the rest of the store wasn’t much different from the other locations—it was still decked out in distinctive discount banners.

TJ Max in the Hamptons

Even with designer items, it’s still TJ Maxx.

Rachel Askenassi / Insider

At the end of the day, this is still TJ Maxx, and you can’t forget it even when sifting through the shelves of BCBG and Gucci.

There are signs everywhere reminding you of the cuts to be had here, which can be a relief when you’re in a city where coffee and cake can cost more than a set of three pairs of Calvin Klein underwear (the set was $11).

I think at the time of my visit, the store had a lot more to offer through designer accessories than clothes. But it was still a lot more than what I’ve seen on other sites that also stock quality merchandise.

Although I didn’t think it was anything too fancy, I do think it’s the kind of place where if I lived near I would stop by every week or so to see if there were any tempting deals.

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