February 7, 2023

Representative Nancy Mays (R-South Carolina) criticized her fellow Republicans on NBC Meet the press Sunday morning, for aggressively putting forward strict restrictions on abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Raw vs. Wade earlier this summer.

“The Handmaid’s story wasn’t supposed to be a roadmap,” she told NBC host Chuck Todd.

She warned that the ultra-conservative expansion could explode in the face of the Republican Party in November — attracting a wave of tepid voters to vote for Democrats. Her comments, of course, come in the wake of Tuesday’s stunning turmoil in Kansas, where a surprise voter show blocked the state’s bid to roll back abortion rights.

Mace began by warning, “I’m staunchly pro-life.” “It’s going to be a problem in November if we don’t calm ourselves down.”

“We can’t go to the far right or the far left,” she said. “Somewhere in the middle is where we should meet.”

On the TV news show, Mays stressed the need to make exceptions for women who had been sexually assaulted, citing a traumatic personal experience she first revealed publicly three years ago: that she was raped at the age of 16. And South Carolina’s only female congresswoman caused a stir in her state as well.

“In my state of South Carolina there is legislation that prohibits the word ‘abortion’ on a website or website server. There are people who want to prevent women from traveling out of state, and there are people like in my state who want to ban abortion for women victims of rape and girls who are victims of incest, she said. “.

“The vast majority of people here are OK with some firewalls but they don’t want parties on either side,” she said.

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