December 3, 2022

After the match, Klopp praised Fulham’s performance and admitted that his team was below par.

“The best thing about the match is the result,” Klopp told BT Sport after a full-time job.

“Really bad game. How could that happen? The situation was not right at first.

“We tried to respond after 15 minutes. The pitch was dry, stuff like this. Really tough.”

Klopp has earned a reputation for finding excuses for Liverpool after poor results.

Rival fans mocked the German on social media after his recent comments and Fulham has now turned the knife.

The West London club posted a photo on Twitter of several sprinklers watering the pitch in their home stadium, along with the caption: “Craven Cottage’s grass looks completely full yesterday,” followed by the water emoji.

Fulham’s cute tweet was a hit with supporters on social media.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Hahahahahahahaha it wasn’t too dry was it boys.”

Another added: “10/10 Tweet this.”

Fulham will be hoping to continue their impressive start to the season when they face Wolverhampton away on Saturday.

In the meantime, Liverpool will be looking to recover when they host Crystal Palace next Monday.

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