February 6, 2023

It was a hectic week that saw a handful of multi-million hackers step down and one of Bitcoin’s biggest advocates stepped down. Also, crypto regulations in the US have gone up another notch. lets take alook.


Michael Saylor, who was the CEO of business intelligence firm MicroStrategy, has Transformed into a main role After serving 30 years in leadership.


As the Ethereum-inspired rally continues, an image of Long dreamed of volatility He started talking about it again. An eth merger is also on the horizon and should it go well and a news sell-off take place, why shouldn’t the new high-strength Ethereum outperform Bitcoin in market cap?

Coinbase announced in a blog post published on Monday that Coinbase Prime was Adding Ethereum to its growing list of staking options for local institutional clients in the United States.


Featured bridge across the Nomad السلسلة series Suffered from exploitation on Monday, August 1, with the protocol’s attackers draining almost all of its money. The total value of cryptocurrencies lost in the attack was nearly $200 million. Nomad announced that it has recovered $22 million. Data from Etherscan shows Nomad has recovered About $22.4 million (11.4%) of $190 million Which dried up during the hack after the team announced a bounty.

After the attacks on Solana, he released the Near . protocol Official disclosure of details In a similar case, which it claimed was addressed and resolved earlier in June.


News emerged that many hackers Targeted Solana EcosystemLosses are approaching the billion dollar mark. Solana’s Million Dollars Wallet Has Been Hacked return it To exploit the private key associated with the Slope mobile wallet.


Its Web3 Alchemy platform Mark its entry into the Polkadot ecosystem, announcing an important partnership with Astar Network, a parachin of the Polkadot Network. Once the deal is completed and executed, Astar can take advantage of Alchemy’s contract infrastructure.


ZB Cryptocurrency Exchange advertises itself as one of the safest exchanges in the crypto space. However, despite the strong security measures in place, the exchange has become the latest crypto entity to fall victim to an ongoing series of hacks. According to the latest available details from PeckShield, the exchange has He lost about $4.8 million in a coordinated attack.

Fashion brand Gucci announced that it is Adding ApeCoin To the list of accepted cryptocurrencies.

The embattled crypto lender Voyager Digital was so Survey to return some customer money Locked up in Metropolitan Commercial Bank (MCB) by the judge presiding over the company’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings in New York. The ruling clears the way for Voyager Digital to return about $270 million in frozen customer funds.


According to an employee of the office of US Senator Cynthia Loomis, every exchange in the country, in addition to Binance, is said to be Investigated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Japan’s central bank has Putting a CBDC Pilot Program on Holdclaiming that it requires more exploration and understanding of the market.


CEO Zuckerberg announced that Meta is Expand NFT support For Instagram across international borders to reach users in more than 100 countries.

Jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. revealed. Unveils her diamond jewelry collection CryptoPunk pendants powered by NFT.

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