January 30, 2023

Sean Lazerini
Lazzerini returned to boxing in February after a hand injury that kept the 25-year-old from competing competitively for two and a half years.
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Scotland won the double boxing gold with Samuel Hickey and Sean Lazzerini winning their fights at the middleweight and light weight division.

Hickey beat 19-year-old Australian Calum Peters, while Lazzerini beat Wales Taylor Bevan.

Rosie Eccles won the gold for Wales when she defeated Australian Kay Scott in the lightweight category.

She became the second Welsh woman to win Commonwealth gold in boxing after Lorraine Price in 2018.

Earlier, England’s Ciaran MacDonald lost a gold medal in the flyweight final to India’s Amit Bangal as he lifted his silver medal from 2018.

England’s low-weight fighter Demi Jade Ristan also lost the gold by unanimous decision to India’s Neto Gangas.

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