January 30, 2023

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie estimated the odds of Donald Trump dying for the presidency again during an interview on Sunday.

The former governor and former adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign did not make it into the chaotic White House or the broader administration, but remained largely supportive of the president and his policies until Jan. 6. Blame him for triggering the deadly riots that swept Congress.

On Sunday, join ABC this week He assumed that Donald Trump would have likely exited the 2024 election cycle as if he were to run again.

Am I convinced that Donald Trump will run for president? I am not convinced. “I think it’s a 50-50 shot now whether he ran or not,” said Mr. Christie.

These statements come along with the former president dropping hints about planning another attempt at most, if not all, of his appearances at rallies. Trump also echoed those sentiments during a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Dallas over the weekend.

Christie went on to say that the former president was making very different calculations than he did prior to launching his successful 2016 bid for president. Mr. Trump was largely treated as a not-so-serious candidate by broad swathes of the mainstream and conservative media circles during the 2016 campaign before seizing the Republican nomination and eventually defeating Hillary Clinton in the general election.

According to Mr. Christie, the 45th president knows that any bid he launches for the White House in 2024 will be met with outright hostility from the mainstream press as well as parts of his Republican Party if his candidates are chosen, especially for the United States. The Senate, they lose their races to the Democrats in November.

“He will take that into account in whatever he decides to do, because he is not stupid,” argued Mr. Christie.

Trump has topped the CPAC center over the weekend and has recently been pictured with far-right troublemakers like Marjorie Taylor Green and Tucker Carlson as he continues his bid to remain the de facto leader of the Republican Party. While they suffered some setbacks in the 2022 primary season, notably in the Georgia gubernatorial primaries, loyalists handpicked by the former president won several primaries including major Senate races in Georgia, Pennsylvania and Ohio in a display of his dominance over other GOP figures Like Mike Pence. Or Ted Cruz, who backed his rivals for his hand-picked candidate.

These candidates have become somewhat of a sad point for the national Republican Party, with Democrats now leading their opponents in the three Senate races mentioned above. It appears that Trump’s loyal allies are saddled with a political burden that directly jeopardizes the Republican Party’s chances of retaking the House of Representatives in January.

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