February 7, 2023

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South) on Saturday at the Federal National Council’s One Nation, explained why Taiwan is important to the United States.

According to the South Carolina Republican senator, Taiwan’s chip manufacturing was important to the United States and China was “showing off” aggression toward Taiwan because President Joe Biden’s administration was “stupid and weak.”

“You know, our supply chain that we’ve learned medically during COVID has been China-centric,” he said. “A lot of drugs are being developed in China. We needed to fight COVID. So let’s break that. Chips – we just passed a big chip bill. Whether you make a refrigerator or a TV or an F-35, chips – most chips are made in Taiwan. Why Taiwan? Mission? Ninety percent of the world’s advanced chip manufacturing is done in Taiwan.”

“The last thing China wants to do is take over Taiwan and monopolize the chip market in the 21st century,” Graham added. So here’s the deal: China is flexing its muscle because the Biden administration is stupid and weak. Every time Putin threatened Ukraine, we were weak. Instead of imposing sanctions when he built his army on the border [of Ukraine]We didn’t want to provoke him. Instead of the flow of weapons before the invasion, we didn’t want to provoke Putin.”

“What do we do in Taiwan?” he added. I have legislation with Bob Mendes, a Democrat, the chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations, to provide more economic aid to Taiwan, more military aid to Taiwan, and more military and economic aid to Taiwan. And the administration, the Biden administration, is working to finalize the bill.”

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