September 25, 2022

During the Eastern Conference Finals against Miami Heat, Celtics Jason Tatum Wrap his shoulder. He played through that pain in the finals and averaged 21.7 points per game, but fired only 36.7% in that series. It was one of a long list of things added to warriors as they celebrated a title in the garden.

Talking to Justin Quinn of Celtics WireTatum said the shoulder has healed completely off-season.

“Yeah, it feels a lot better, he’s got plenty of time to rest he needs. So, I definitely felt a lot better.”

The Celtics upgraded their off-season roster by trading Malcolm Brogdon And add the sniper Danilo Galinari. Most importantly, the team that found its identity in the middle of last season – and carried it to the finals – will enter this season knowing who it is and what it wants to do. Celtics would be better either Kevin Durant Is there or not (and smart money probably not).

Tatum will be healthy and ready to go.

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