December 3, 2022

Flow has reaped the benefits of its recent ads. The same can be attributed to Meta’s collaboration with the Flow blockchain.

In fact, when the news broke on August 4, FLOW was trading at around $1.85. Soon, streaming pumped as much as $2.96 onto the charts.

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According to the post AdvertisingMeta has confirmed the launch of Flow NFTs on its sister platform, Instagram. Flow will be one of the first blockchains supported by Meta, along with Ethereum and Polygon. This is a massive breakthrough for Flow as it begins to establish itself in the digital asset space.

Instagram’s NFT integration allows collectors to view verified Flow NFTs on their Meta photo sharing service account. The announcement confirms that the expansion has now been extended to more than 100 countries after launching in the United States in May. With more than two billion active users, Instagram will provide a major platform that could lead to the mass adoption of Flow.

That’s not all. she was confirmed That Bitrue launched FLOW in yield bets on its platform. In her announcement, Bitrue claimed,

“We are very pleased to work with Flow to provide an opportunity for our communities to receive returns of up to 8% APY with Yield Farming. The planting period will be a full 30 days, and there will also be set-up and distribution periods at the beginning and end of the investment.”

Therefore, the news was received with open arms by the Flow community as activity on the blockchain escalated. According to a social site Modernization Shared by Lunar Crush, Flow hit ATH on the social contributor front with 2.62K. Moreover, there has also been a driven rise in social cues and associations.

Source: Lunar Crush

Effects are also shown on the FLOW social dominance chart. As shown in the chart below, the value on the scale is above the weekly average of FLOW.

The launch on Instagram certainly made a major introduction to this metric. Flow’s online posts are mostly concerned with the potential expansion of the blockchain.

Source: Santiment


Now, while the news is certainly big, FLOW hasn’t been able to maintain its momentum. In the past 24 hours alone, the flow is down 5.45% to $2.65 at press time.

This sudden loss of velocity was clearly visible on the volume front as it was also down by a staggering 71%. With momentum already waning, can FLOW expect a breakout as it tries to get off that pump?

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