January 30, 2023

Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that laws regulating abortion should not set “arbitrary pregnancy limits.”

“We know for women that these abortion rights battles are about their ability to control their lives so that they have the ability to participate in the economy, and the ability to decide if forced pregnancy is in their future,” Abrams said. “Yes, I would urge every voter to think that The economy will go up and down, but laws will change the future of every woman you know when they become coherent and change the future of every woman you know.”

Lt. Col. Chuck Todd said, “I want to get some clarity about your specific position. I want to bring up what you said recently about your abortion status. I intend to pass legislation that states that a woman has the right to an abortion. This right continues until the doctor determines that the fetus is viable outside body, except in the case of protecting a woman’s life or health. How do you put legislation around that?”

Abrams said, “You put legislation around that by going back to what we know to be the structural framework of Raw vs. Wade. You can do this by not setting arbitrary pregnancy limits because we know those reflect medical decision making. “

She continued, “What we are saying – we respect the responsibility that falls on women and the obligation that falls on doctors. Politicians are not scientists, and we should not legally set these moving targets that do not reflect the reality women face when they are sitting in a doctor’s office.”

Abrams added, “I understand that someone would feel better if we picked an out-of-air date, but we know that’s not scientifically backed up.”

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