December 7, 2022

Choosing the right cryptocurrency at the right time can be fundamental to the future of your wallet. Most of the money is made by those who invested in the early days of the project, before it became mainstream and hit the big stock exchanges. This is where the real upside is. And there’s one community-driven icon that a lot of people talk about and compare it to in the early days of MakerDAO and CurveDAO.

They are all DAO-based projects, and the GLO can be set up to rival and even surpass the likes of CRV in the coming months. That’s why it could be a great addition to your wallet right now, especially since it’s still available during pre-sale at a huge discount. This means that you will enjoy incredible earning potential that can go up exponentially as more and more people find out about it. Now it’s time with GLO, here’s why…

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo takes full advantage of active DAO, giving full voices on all major decisions and truly rewarding users for being part of the project. These users are also rewarded with an incredibly robust set of features and potentially strong price growth that is not prone to massive price pranks or excessive speculation.

It shares some similarities with the early days of MKR and CRV, but it can also be said that it has more upside. If you are concerned about rising inflation and how your dollars are becoming less and less valuable over time, you may want to consider the GLO as the best solution. It’s quite deflationary, thanks to a super-burning mechanic that makes the token more scarce over time, along with a full 1:1 asset-backed vault with a GLO vault. The GLO vault consists of a range of investments that include stablecoins, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and even digital versions of real-world assets such as gold. This means that it cannot be printed, and the display will continue to decline. This also means that getting in early is key if you want all these positive aspects and more. So now could be the ideal time frame for investing in GLO.

MakerDAO (MKR)

MakeDAO is an incredibly powerful stablecoin, with a lot of benefits for its holders. This includes a strong and stable price, and a model based on being an unbiased currency. This means that it does not rely excessively on speculation, and gives its holders a price they can fully believe in.

CurveDAO (CRV)

Curve acts as an exchange liquidity accumulator on the Ethereum blockchain that makes it easy for anyone to trade stablecoins. It is an incredibly efficient platform, and arguably the heart of the stablecoin trading world. It started small as the GLO, but has moved on to the big things. Just as GLO can too.


GLO shares some similarities with the early days of CRV and MKR. But it also has a range of unique solutions that can prepare it for a greater future. That’s why it’s recommended by analysts across the space right now.

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