February 7, 2023

Joe Kent, the former green hat endorsed by Donald Trump, has risen to just 257 votes behind the Republican congressman trying to oust him.

After the first votes were counted in Tuesday’s primary, Mr. Kent, 42, was somewhat behind incumbent Jaime Herrera Butler, as well as Democratic candidate Marie Perez.

But as the count continues, as more results are published, Mr. Kent has seen his numbers rise.

On Friday evening, officials announced that there would be no further results until Monday, Kent was 257 times behind Herrera Butler.

“There will be no counting over the next couple of days, because we believe in the weekend here in Washington State (thanks Union!),” tweeted Phil Gardner, Washington’s chief of staff.

“Upcoming reports will come from Clark, Colitz and Thurston on Monday night.”

Ms. Perez, 34, the Democrat, saw an overall increase to 57,345 points, which puts her at 31.2 points, ahead of Ms. Herrera Beutler, 43, at 22.6, and Mr. Kent at 22.5 points.

The Associated Press had already called a race for Peres, but it was not clear who she would face in the November general election.

Washington state is one of the few places to benefit from an open primaries on top of two candidates where the candidates with the highest scores—regardless of party—move to the general election.

Ms. Herrera Butler was first elected to the 3rd District of Congress in Washington in 2010 and has been re-elected five times.

But she was one of only ten Republicans in the House of Representatives who voted to impeach Trump after the January 6 riots and to form a commission to investigate what happened.

Trump denounced the 10 as traitors and vowed to expel them all.

Of the ten, Dan Newhouse, of the 4th congressional district in Washington, appeared to stop a challenge from Lauren Culp, the former police chief who had the former president’s backing in that competition.

But on Tuesday night, Michigan Congressman Peter Major lost to challenger John Gibbs, who had Trump’s backing.

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