January 30, 2023

Jimmy Garoppolo Outside, Tree Lance in.

And with the switch being official, the hype around the San Francisco 49ers quarterback in year two, with just two starts under his belt, is at an all-time high.

Current players like third-year player Brandon Aiyuk and Pro Bowler Depo Samuel, and former class-49 greats like Jerry Rice and Steve Young, have paid tribute to Blanes ahead of the season.

This week, Ayok said that with Lance under center, attacking No. 49 “would be a little more explosive,” and earlier this season, Samuel said, “I think Trey will be a star in this league.”

Last month, Rice told Lance “the sky is the limit.”

Nick Wright appears to have been sold into the future QB of the 49ers class as well, as “First Things First” explained on Friday.

“The Niners are ready to win now,” Wright said. Do we expect the Niners to make the playoffs? Yes. Do we expect Trey Lance to improve as the year goes on? Yes. Do we know the Niners are good enough to make a playoff with an average, if not below average, quarterback? Yes .

“So, once you’re in the Super Bowl, which the 49ers definitely can be, can Trey Lance have a great Super Bowl? Of course, he can.”

Does Trey Lance’s camp performance indicate a promising season for the 49ers? | The most important things first

Does Trey Lance's camp performance indicate a promising season for the 49ers?  |  The most important things first

After showing promise in training camp, Nick Wright explained to Chris Broussard why he thinks Trey Lance’s ceiling is high. Broussard was not optimistic.

Wright noted that Lance could have the same kind of season that Colin Kaepernick had with San Francisco when he drove them to a berth at Super Bowl XLVII, having taken over for veteran quarterback Alex Smith.

Not to mention that both Lance and Kaepernick are a double threat from QBs.

However, Chris Broussard is not convinced when it comes to the 22-year-old.

“He called me crazy for being skeptical that the guy who played football in North Dakota a few years ago and only played [two games] Broussard said his final year is going into the NFL, his first year as a rookie, and he’s going to be great. “I just don’t see it.”

San Francisco QB coach Brian Grace said this week that Lance showed early maturity in training camp and believes he will carry him away.

“He gives himself a chance because he comes every day, and he’s ready to work,” Grace said. “He has a humility about him that gives him a chance to learn from his mistakes and grow. I’ve been really encouraged about his behavior.”

Lance is 1-1 as a start and in those games. In six total games, he threw for 603 yards, five touchdowns and two interceptions, completing 57.7% of his passes.

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