February 6, 2023

NFL: Super Bowl LV - Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Quarterback Tom Brady’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers returned to training on Saturday. Reporters on the site Brady spotted In his regular No. 12 shirt, he shares with the rest of the team.

Brady had missed training several days earlier in the week. The quarterback was on a scheduled rest day on Wednesday, along with other veterans, and Tampa Bay did not practice Thursday. On Friday, Brady was still not showing up on the field, with Bock later Announcement of absence with an excuse Because of a personal matter.

The exact reason for Brady’s day off remains unclear. His absence on Friday came two days after his 45th birthday and three days after the NFL disciplined dolphinswho were found to have recruited Brady “unauthorizedly” while he played QB for both the Patriots and Buccaneers from 2019-2021.

Brady, from You didn’t argue with the reports From the Miami call earlier this summer, he will face no penalty for initiating or entertaining contact with the dolphins.

The Buccaneers have four more camp trainings open to select fans before the 2022 pre-season starts on August 13. Brady is looking to hit a record eighth Super Bowl this season, which is his last contract with Tampa Bay.

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