December 7, 2022

It was a musical summer for me. This past weekend, my boys and I went to the Red Rocks Amphitheater outside of Denver, Colorado and watched Father John Misty perform with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. It was an incredible experience!

Yesterday evening, my brother and I went to The Shins here in town and watched them perform some of their best and most popular songs for an out-of-stock auditorium (although it’s a small enough venue that the show was very intimate and full of fun).

And in between all these musical adventures, here I am spewing out Wordles every day. One has to keep one’s wits toward them, after all. Let’s look at today.

Today’s Wordle #413 Hint and Answer

BepBop Boot: Spoilers Forward! Spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

Hint: One such visit to Patience, CO on the TV show returns for the second half of its second season in just four days.

The answer is. . . .

I’m pretty sure I got as much of the first guess as possible out of getting it right this time, although I didn’t really realize it when I was guessing. According to the Wordle Bot, while shine Usually the remaining solutions reduce it to only 120, and today they reduce it to only four. not bad. (I checked and Crane He would only have reduced that number to 21 despite his statistically superior chances.)

My second guess –daub-Which, I guessed, subtracted some of the more common letters and vowels – lowered that number to just 1, although I had no idea at the time. At this point I couldn’t think of anything at all and so I just tried a word that I knew wouldn’t be true, but at least you might point me to it or get something else green. I also wanted an “A” test and so I guessed I nick I was a little surprised when the game accepted her.

What is the I nick You ask? Well, it’s the Electronic and Computer Digital Combiner – the first “general purpose electrical and programmable digital computer” according to Wikipedia. It was completed in 1945 and used primarily to calculate artillery firing tables for the US Army’s Ballistic Research Laboratory. The more you know!

Once I click on things “A” very quickly. I guessed alien Almost 100% sure it would be the correct answer, and it was!

go hour resident alien By the way ASAP. It is one of the best TV shows at the moment. Her co-star, Alan Tudyk, is really cool, fun and has a great support team. You can thank me later.

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