February 7, 2023

Sky Sports ‘ignoring Premier League rules’ in half-time interview with Patrick Vieira On Friday night.

Crystal Palace’s team in Viera suffered a 2-0 defeat against his former club Arsenal in the opening match of the season at Selhurst Park.

Gabriel Martinelli put Arsenal in front 20 minutes from time with an own goal from Mark Joy to wrap up the win five minutes from time.

But Vieira made history by conducting the first-ever half-time interview in the Premier League as part of a new shift to cover Premier League matches.

After agreeing to the brief interview, the Frenchman answered two questions and stressed the need for a quick start in the second half.

“I suspect [we] He’s a bit disappointed to slip 1-0 in the first half.”

“We did a great job finishing the first half, so it’s important to get an equally strong start in the second.”

The proposals were submitted again in April and received a “warm reception” by the clubs’ media department, who eventually voted in favor of the annual general meeting in June.

according to the athleteAnd the In Section K of the English Premier League Rules it states: “In connection with each League match broadcast live by a broadcaster in the United Kingdom, the broadcaster in the United Kingdom may request the Director (or a senior member of the coaching staff) to Either or both of the participating club present an interview at the end of the first half period, before the re-start of the league match.

“The director may choose to conduct the requested interview or refuse to do so, at his or her absolute discretion.”

However, it was initially reported that those who participate in the half-time interviews would be the managers of the winning sides, which was not the case with Vieira as his team was behind.

Playoffs can be great at giving the fans tactical breakdowns in the first half from the manager’s point of view and their response to major incidents.

A change viewers were not so fond of was the new scoreboard on Sky Sports. Instead of the three-letter abbreviation for each team, the top left corner of the screen appeared on both badges and didn’t go down well.

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