December 7, 2022

  • Alex Jones’ lawyers mistakenly sent the contents of Jones’ phone to Sandy Hook’s family attorney.
  • That attorney said he intends to turn over the records to the Jan. 6 commission unless the judge says otherwise.
  • The January 6 commission was hoping to get Jones’ phone to understand his role in the Capitol riots.

The judge presiding over Sandy Hook’s defamation trial against Alex Jones had no intention of preventing the plaintiff’s attorneys from handing Jones text messages to the Jan. 6 panel, according to For The New York Times.

The Times reported Friday that Judge Maya Guerra Gamble said she would not prevent lawyers representing Sandy Hook’s parents from handing over the contents of Jones’ phone that the plaintiff’s lawyers said were sent to them in error.

Mark Bankston, one of the attorneys representing the parents, previously stated in court that federal law enforcement and the January 6 commission investigating the Capitol riots requested the contents of Jones’ phones. Bankston said he plans to hand them over unless the judge orders him otherwise.

“I certainly intend to do so,” he said, “unless you tell me not to.”

On Friday, the judge said she believed the lawyers had already handed over the contents, in the Times.

About two weeks ago, Alex Jones’ attorneys mistakenly sent two years of phone data to the plaintiff’s attorney, according to Bankston. Jones’ lawyers had hoped in vain that the lawyers would return the materials.

Citing anonymous sources, Rolling Stone reported The House Select Committee plans to request data from the plaintiff’s attorney.

The commission had a keen interest in documents relating to Jones and his possible role in the Capitol attack.

In November, the committee summoned the far-right media commentator because he was known to have helped organize the rally at Ellipse near the White House shortly before the Capitol was breached.

Outside the courtroom on Thursday, Bankston said he was not sure if it “even covers the length of time they would like.” According to a TV show.

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