February 7, 2023

Roger Stone, a Trump ally and a dirty political conman, accuses Infowars host Alex Jones’ attorneys of intentionally leaking the cell phone contents of a right-wing broadcaster during the recent Sandy Hook libel trial.

On Friday, Stone shared a post on Telegram, highlighting how Jones’ attorney, Andino Renal, worked at the Obama Department of Justice.

“Now do you think his release from Jones’s text messages was ‘inadvertent’ or a mistake? Had I been in Jones’s place, I would have sued this man for the same amount the jury found against him,” Mr. Stone wrote.

independent Contact Mr. Reynal for comment.

On Wednesday, lawyers for the Sandy Hook families who are suing the Infowars host for defamation revealed that Mr Renal mistakenly shared the contents of Mr Jones’ phone during the discovery process.

Attorney Mark Bankston claimed that the trove of letters, spanning years, showed Jones lied about the extent to which he communicated with those close to him about Sandy Hook.

Within minutes of the text messages being exchanged, a source said, the House committee investigating the attack on the US Capitol began preparing to subpoena the messages. rolling rock.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Stone were key figures at the “Stop the Heist” rallies that took place before and during the January 6 riots at the US Capitol. Jones in particular once claimed on Infowars that the White House had explicitly asked him to lead a rally on the Capitol.

On Thursday, Jones and his lawyers sought an emergency order to destroy the leaked letters and declare the trial invalid.

“We have a situation here like when he gives me a room key by mistake, and he opens the room door and instead of finding what he was expecting, he finds other doors,” said Mr. Renal.

Bankston, the families’ attorney, responded that he had notified Mr. Renal that the letters had been leaked.

“Mr Renal is using a fig leaf to overcome his misconduct,” the lawyer said in court. “Things like Mr. Jones’ intimate letters with Roger Stone are not secret.”

A judge eventually rejected the wrongful trial attempt, and the jury ordered Jones to pay Nearly 50 million dollars To the family of Sandy Hook victim for his claims that the mass shooting did not exist.

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