January 30, 2023

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San Diego star Padres Fernando Tates Jr. will begin rehab this weekend in San Antonio with the club’s Double-A squad as he nears a return from a wrist injury that kept him out of action for the entire 2022 season.

There is still no fixed timetable for his return.

“I don’t think we have a set number of speculators,” Padres manager Bob Melvin He said Of the club’s goals in exchange for the assignment of Tates. “And also, you want to bring a guy back here when he’s swinging well too. We’re later in the season; it wouldn’t take three weeks to get him back here, so we’re going to take it day in and day out and see where he is physically and how he feels on the plate.”

Tatis was one of the best players in MLB in 2021. He finished 42 home runs, 25 steals and a 0.611 slowdown. Dynamic Shortstop showed exactly why Padres are willing to give it a go 14 years $340 million extension

That made it even more frustrating for Tates underwent surgery On the wrist outside.

Badres general manager A.J. Briller explained that when he provided an update in mid-June, the 23-year-old wasn’t even close to making a comeback.

Dennis Lynn @Denstline

AJ Preller said photos of Fernando Tates Jr. yesterday didn’t show enough healing in his wrist to start swinging the bat. Briller said the test overall was “positive.” Padres plans to take it week to week with Tatis’ schedule. No decision yet on his next wristband check.

Despite missing out as the best player, Padres is between 61 and 47 years old and on track for a spot in the National League.

Mane Machado played at MVP level, while Jake Cronnorth, Jorrickson Provar and the rest of the offense did enough to make up for Tates’ absence, with Juan Soto joining the club from Washington Nationals before the trade deadline.

However, there is a sense that San Diego is walking in the water a bit until Tates finally returns to the line-up and the World Championship team hopes to build on his contributions.

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