December 7, 2022

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The Utah Jazz has a number of viable reasons to explore Donovan Mitchell’s trade. Even when they had Rudy Gobert, they proved on several occasions that they were incapable of winning the championship. Without him, they had no obvious way to rebuild a competitor before Mitchell Free Agency for 2025. Outside free agents rarely want to come to Utah. Even if they did, the Jazz didn’t have much flexibility this season. Their only viable route is through the draft. Mitchell Trade will ship a boatload of picks.

The dream scenario with any draft pick is to land a player like Mitchell. That’s what critics of the potential Mitchell deal will say. Why trade it on players who may never be this good? Andy Larsen The Salt Lake Tribune He offered one explanation: The entire NBA seemed to think Mitchell was on his way out the door. Larsen reported that “the feeling among league insiders is that Mitchell is likely to sign outside of Utah at the first available opportunity in 2025,” and that his preference would be to play in a larger market.

According to Larsen, Mitchell considers New York his home. He spends most of his seasons there, and not coincidentally, the Knicks have by far been the most aggressive team to try to trade off. So far, no package has materialized, but with eight tradable picks from the first round, there is definitely a bargain to be found.

Mitchell will also reportedly be interested in playing for Miami. Their way to get it is a bit more complicated. While they could offer young goalkeeper Tyler Herro in a deal, there are only two tradable options in the first round at the moment. They can get up to three with a little bit of maneuvering, and they can also make many first-round swaps, but in the end they can’t deliver as much as the Knicks can.

No matter where he landed, it became painfully clear that Mitchell had no intention of spending his career with jazz. Whether the trade comes at this inopportune time or in the future, Jazz seems to have dealt with its need to rebuild.

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