December 7, 2022

Just a day after stating that he was not sure if his health would allow him to return for another year, tigers Striker Miguel Cabrera put things right in his plans for 2023, says the Detroit news He intends to return for the twenty-first season.

Cabrera’s confirmation comes after he told reporters Thursday that he has been struggling with the financial losses of another year in baseball. At 39, the 12-time All-Star hinted that he was dealing with persistent knee issues that left him unsure of his body’s ability to handle another season.

“I don’t feel good now,” Cabrera said, According to Evan Petzold of Detroit Free Press. “I’m trying to do everything I can to go out there and play, but I’m not feeling well at the moment.”

But Cabrera made it clear on Friday that he intends to return for another year and fulfill his contract with the Tigers.

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