February 7, 2023

It only took a few weeks for the 2022 iPhones to be released, and the latest rumors are coming up thick and fast. Now it looks like we have an insight into what colors the new models will be wearing, which is pretty cool.

Aug 6 update below. This post was first published on August 4, 2022.

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leaky Tweet embed He had a lot to say about what they think is coming for this fall’s release of the phone from Apple, and he included a list of expected colors. here they are…

For the iPhone 14, there will be six colors at launch. This is the same number that is available for the iPhone 13 now. They are, white, black, green, red, blue and purple.

Aug 6 update. As you will read below, one of the new colors that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro are expected to wear is purple. It’s not the first time there’s a purple iPhone, as the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 both came in such a color (although they were different, for sure).

But if true, this will definitely be the first time the iPhone Pro will turn purple. Since Jioriku made their claims, a number of images have surfaced that seek to show exactly what the new iPhones will look like. While many of them look some kind of purple or violet again, one display stands out. On Twitter, someone called Tech God (@tgod34748) was judged to have come up with the most accurate version of the new color, according to adry_ghincea, who describes himself like this: “My dream is to be a designer, my life is about fashion.”

It is not clear how reliable the final color is, but it is certainly an attractive shade, much deeper and darker than other colors. I really liked it. When challenged how deep and dark it is, the response is that it will appear almost black, depending on the light.

I find that a bit surprising. After all, Apple already has graphite in the Pro range, which similarly looks almost black in many lights. Does Apple want another iPhone so dark and dark that it can be hard to tell the two apart in many situations?

Well, maybe just. After all, the green and black Apple Watch Series 7 colors are very dark and look black in many lighting situations. Only when green catches the right light does the green shade shine through.

In other words, with modern colors like the green Apple Watch, or with Starlight and Midnight on the Apple Watch, iPhone, and MacBook Air, Apple is happy to show off colors that take extra depth in the right lighting.

There are other renders of what the color will look like, and let’s remember that on the iPhone 14 it will almost certainly be glossy and glossy as the Pro color will be matte. This glossiness may cause the iPhone 14 to be brighter than the iPhone 14 Pro.

More news as we have it.

Now, back to the original leak.

There are four things to note here.

First, these are definitely not the names that Apple will definitely call it. The current range does not have black or white options, instead it is called the darkest shade of midnight and its opulent gold and silver finish with a white background finish. In addition, there is no red in the current range, rather there is a PRODUCT (RED) to indicate that the money is being donated to a noble cause.

I think PRODUCT (RED) and Midnight would definitely be the color names, and I’d be surprised if Starlight, given its success, wasn’t around. I will say that blue and green would be the names of those shades.

The second thing to note is that there’s a new color here, lilac, that replaces the current pink, even though it seems to have been very popular (it’s a very nice shade of pastel pink).

But the purple color is undoubtedly welcome. It is not the first purple. There was a purple iPhone 11 and a darker version of the same name for the iPhone 12. Both were more purple than purple to be brutally honest. So, 2022 may be the first time a deep purple has appeared. we will see.

Third, and this applies to the Pro colors as well, none of them will be identical to the current versions. Every year, Apple changes colors, even if the names remain the same. Even the PRODUCT (RED) varies slightly from year to year and I expect the same this time.

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The current green is nice but will be different this fall, assuming the leak is correct.

Fourth, please note that the iPhone 13 was launched in five colors and not six as expected here. The sixth color, green, was added in the middle of the year. The iPhone 12 was launched in five colors, but the iPhone 11 came out in six colors at its launch, so it’s not impossible.

To the iPhone 14 Pro, then.

The new colors are expected to be green, silver, gold, graphite and purple. I’m sure silver, gold and graphite would be correct (although graphite will probably have a name overhaul).

And the new purple makes sense, although I think it will have a different name and possibly a different color than the iPhone 14.

Green will replace the current Alpine Green.

But I just point out that there have never been five Pro colors at launch, they have always been four colors since the Pro was introduced in 2019. Alpine Green was added to the range just a few months ago. It’s not impossible, but I’m just adding the smallest note of doubt here.

Best thing ever: We’re just dozens of days away from knowing all about the next batch of iPhones.

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