January 30, 2023

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher said Democrats should be careful when arguing that they support people who make “private health care decisions” because there are people who “will vote based on COVID policy. I’m one of them and I don’t have Even kids. It’s a medical issue. I don’t want to dictate. … I must insist on not insisting on how I handle my health.”

After Liz Smith, the Democratic strategist, said Republicans “want to make health care decisions that are more personal to women.” Maher replied, “And we are all against that, I certainly am, but ‘private healthcare decisions,’ be careful with that phrase. I read on the first page of New York times This week, there’s a new voting block, a new constituency: the anti-mandate. These are mostly parents, but these are the people who won’t vote on the basis of Republicans or Democrats. They will vote based on COVID policy. I am one of them and I don’t even have children. It is a medical issue. I do not want to dictate. There is no “science”, especially in the medical sciences. You can recommend whatever you like, but I must insist not to insist on how I handle my health.”

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