February 7, 2023

hallmark Fulham The last round of the Premier League in the 2020-21 season was a patchwork defense which meant they weren’t able to attack and not leak goals in the same match. Now they are back under Marco Silva and Fulham are looking to show that these problems no longer exist as they start their campaign with a 2-2 draw. Liverpool. pillar of Alexander Mitrovich – which, after 90 minutes, is on track to top 43 goals in the tournament – was ruled out by goals from Darwin Nunez and Mohamed Salah but Jurgen Klopp will need some rethinking after the match. Luis Diaz and Jordan Henderson I hit the post on another day, things could have gone differently but when Fulham press Liverpool it’s not a good show for the team expected to be in the thick of the title race.

It sure is too early to hit the panic button. A trip away from home to a newly promoted team is no easy feat, but the match was there if Liverpool improved it. Right out of the gate, Andreas Pereira was pressing high on the field to give Liverpool the bouts as he looked to build from behind, while Joao Balenha was valiant at the midfield base as he won three tackles and blocked the ball.

with Shin DuffyManor Solomon Bernd LenoAnd the Kevin Mbabu Everyone on the bench to start the match, it could be interesting to see what Fulham’s recruitment looks like. The opening match came from Kenny Tite as he got a good cross inside the penalty area and just beat Mitrovic Trent Alexander Arnold.

It’s a goal that showed a weakness that we don’t usually see in a Liverpool team. Klopp has spoken about his team not being ready for the season, but they are also tired. After Liverpool had already played for Strasbourg after winning the Community Shield, he will face Liverpool Another unnamed side before their clash with Crystal Palace. Pressurized formulations already accumulate in the form of Diogo JotaAnd Ibrahima Konate and now Thiago absent from the stadiums.

Thiago was knocked out in the 51st minute after he felt something in his leg and Klopp made a double change that changed the tempo of the match. Before the break Fulham was about to score, like Neskins Kebanu Another hit, but an introduction Harvey Elliott And Darwin Nunez changed the way Liverpool handled things.

lead line, Roberto Firmino He didn’t create a chance or take a shot because Fulham made him out of the match. with jota Down, if Klopp wants to spend his time with Nunez, the squad may need to tweak a bit to get things running through Salah. Nunez only had 15 touches per game after entering, but he made two chances, scored and assisted while hitting the goal with three shots. A shark in the water, Nunez has a different presence than Firmino at the top and helps make up for the loss of Sadio Mane.

Nunez’s goal was a good example of what he gives this Liverpool team because it is a direct result of the striker, in the penalty area, the kind Firmino rarely makes. Despite his troubles at the defensive end of the field, where there is hardly a pressing presence that Firmino could be at his best, his performances are the reason Klopp doesn’t need to worry too much about this result. However, the 4-2-3-1 method is likely to be the best method for Liverpool to follow in matches like this. Nunez could help Firmino offset pressing problems while giving Diaz another focal point in attack because things are highly predictable when Salah is the only target teams have to worry about.

This transformation could be difficult if Thiago wasted too much time. Elliott looked home in midfield when he came in, but he’s an aggressive midfielder, and his best moments come from advancing from midfield into the penalty area. He would be more comfortable on the right side of a three midfield in a typical Liverpool 4-3-3 formation. So while there isn’t much for Klopp to worry about, there are still some intricacies to discover when trying to get all the players he needs on the field at the same time.

Days like these won’t happen often for the Reds, but when one point was the difference in the title last season, they should be proactive, not reactive. For Silva, the biggest issues from the match will be resolved with Shane Duffy bringing his experience to the defense making it mostly positive. They certainly didn’t count on this point being one of the 40 they needed to survive the season. Matches are going to get more difficult for Liverpool from now on so it’s up to Cobb to set him but based on history so far, he’ll be able to do just that.

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