December 3, 2022

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin has criticized members of the far-left party France Insomes, who accused him of defending a radical Islamist imam who is due to be deported from France.

Minister Darmanin, who announced the deportation of the radical Moroccan imam Hassan Ikoyosen last week, criticized the members of France Insomes (LFI), whom he accused of defending the imam and trying to stop his deportation.

“This gentleman has nothing to do on the national soil and can defend in the sense of freedom of speech, telling me the state of disintegration that the ultra-left LFI has on this point,” Darmanin Tell CNews Radio Thursday.

Since the announcement of the radical imam’s deportation, members of the French Parliament’s Press Syndicate have criticized Darmanin, including MP David Giroud who said: “These shady actions should challenge all democrats concerned with maintaining our rule of law.”

Manuel Bombard, another LFI MP, said that while the imam was said to have made anti-Semitic and homophobic speeches, he should be tried in a French court: not.

Darmanin responded to the criticisms of these deputies, noting that out of 2,600 mosques across France, only about 20 support Imam Ekoison. Don called the LFI to expel David Giroud, arguing that his statements reflected on the rest of the party.

Since becoming Minister of the Interior in 2020, Darmanin has spoken highly of combating the spread of radical Islam, and has participated in the closure of several radical mosques, especially after the beheading of teacher Samuel Baty by a radical Chechen refugee in October 2020.

Recently, Darmanin has turned his attention to the deportation of foreign criminals, and last month he called for reform of deportation laws to allow French authorities to deport more foreign-born criminals who commit serious crimes.

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