December 7, 2022

The clumsy penalty kick, conceded by Abdoulaye Doukuri, was the difference in the match as Chelsea beat Everton 1-0 on the first day. Frank Lampard’s side lined up well and despite their lack of strikers, they were able to hold on to Chelsea as the Blues struggled to last their season. Everton suffered another blow just 18 minutes into the match as Ben Godfrey left the match on a stretcher after a long delay. Given that his leg was frozen, it didn’t look good. He was eventually replaced by Mason Holgate.

From there, both teams lost the real No. 9, but it was Everton who coped better with that with Anthony Gordon leading the attack. Everton managed to create chances on the counter but the last ball wasn’t there. Ben Chilwell scored a penalty before the half as Doukuri put his hands on his shirt as he fell into the penalty area. Jorginho didn’t mess around when he drove the penalty home to give Chelsea the edge.

The second half went similar to the first, but Everton will be the happiest team in this regard. Amadou Onana was in the crowd watching he would be in the Everton midfield sooner rather than later after they agreed a deal with Lille, but for Chelsea, even with Armando Bruja on the pitch, they lost nine goals. Raheem Sterling played the role but is better than the winger despite his strong work rate in the penalty area.

He was brilliant alongside Kalidou Koulibaly making his debut on Saturday but most of the squad didn’t shine with them. Nathan Patterson also had a good chance for Dele Alli when he came in but Dele didn’t know what to do with the ball in the penalty area because he missed his chance. Lots of work to be done for each side in the match which ended in about 110 minutes due to different stops in each half.

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