February 7, 2023

Elon Musk challenged Twitter to a discussion and suggested that his deal to buy the social media giant could still go through if the company offers more verification and transparency.

CEO of Tesla chirp early On Saturday, in response to a thread from a user identified as a “SpaceX fan”: “If Twitter simply offered its method of sampling 100 accounts and how it was confirmed as real, the deal should proceed on original terms. However, if it turns out that their SEC filings are materially false, they shouldn’t.”

He later added, “By hereby I challenge @paraga to a public debate about Twitter bot ratio. Let him prove to the public that Twitter has

The latest tweet was directed at Parag Agrawal, the CEO of Twitter.

Musk and Twitter spent most of 2022 embroiled in negotiations, discussions and legal wrangling that included the SpaceX CEO’s bid to buy the platform for $44 billion.

The billionaire agreed to the deal, then finalized it, and Twitter later lifted it to complete the sale. Reply on Twitter Reply on Twitter, and Saturday’s tweet from Musk was the latest development in the ongoing feud.

Mr Musk also tweeted a poll to 102.8 million Twitter followers asking to vote on whether “less than 5% of Twitter users per day are fake/spam” – giving the option to choose “yes” or “Lmaooo no”.

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