December 3, 2022

Former Trump administration attorney general Bill Barr said Friday on CBS News that the Department of Justice is “taking a closer look” at Trump’s high-ranking allies and the former president himself.

CBS News reporter Catherine Heridge asked, “On January 6, do subpoenas to the new grand jury indicate that the Department of Justice is focusing squarely on former President Trump?”

“I think it’s definitely an important event,” Barr said. “It changes my view of what’s going on. From my point of view, it seemed to me that the department was really focused on the lower level people. You know, since the election, they’ve been going after people who went into the Capitol. I thought they were paying that much attention to the presidents and were kind of leaving it up to the congressional committee.But this suggests to me that they took a good look at the group at the top, including the president and the people immediately surrounding him who were involved in this.It also seems to me that they They’re trying to get a judgment on executive privilege.”

Heridge asked, “Did it come to your attention when a subpoena was issued for former White House counsel Pat Cipollone?”

Barr said, “Yes, that was the most important.”

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