August 12, 2022

Newhouse is one of the 10 Republican House members who voted to impeach then-President Donald Trump in January 2021 in the wake of the attack on the US Capitol. Trump has endorsed Republican challenger Lauren Culp in the region.

Washington holds an open primaries in which all candidates, regardless of party, participate in the same ballot, with the top two contenders ahead in the November general election.

Despite facing his party’s wrath over his impeachment vote, Newhouse had a number of factors going his way this week: The incumbent easily outperformed his rivals, the field was big and tattered, and Washington state’s open primary system allowed people to vote for anyone . Filter, regardless of affiliation.

Newhouse’s victory is a loss for Trump, who has made defeating the 10 House Republicans who joined Democrats to impeach him a primary goal in the post-presidency. Moving on from the primaries, Newhouse is likely to retain his seat in Congress. His region, which stretches from Washington’s border with Oregon and Canada, is overwhelmingly leaning toward Republicans.

Aside from White and Culp, the field also included former NASCAR driver Jerrod Sisler and state representative Brad Klebert.

Local Republican activists, many of whom criticized and criticized Newhouse after his impeachment vote, worried that many people had moved on from impeachment proceedings and pushed Republicans to focus on other issues as they headed to the polls on Tuesday. Neuhaus also leveraged his agricultural expertise, using it to appeal largely to rural areas and pull some focus away from accountability.

This story has been updated with additional background information.

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