December 7, 2022

Friday was at full speed for the Carolina Panthers running behind Christian McCaffrey.

Since the Panthers are meant to treat their stars back with care, they implemented an exercise plan for rest days mixed with exercise sans restrictions.

CMC appreciates the approach as he enters the season and is looking to avoid the blunder injury that has plagued each of the last two seasons.

“I think those days off are important,” McCaffrey said. “On those days you have to make sure you do everything to get ready for the next day. That’s what it is for. So it’s a day off, but you still work. You do a lot of things with the coaches, you do things with the strength coaches – strength things, things Flexibility, to get ready for the next day. But I feel great.”

McCaffrey played in 48 consecutive games to start his NFL career, culminating in the 2019 All-Pro campaign when he became the second player ever to score 1,000 yards in a rush and receive in the same season. Since then, CMC has been held back to play in only 10 out of 27 potential matches over the past two seasons.

Hamstring and ankle injuries cut McCaffrey’s 2021 campaign into seven games, and a Panthers training plan has been in place since his return from ankle disease.

“I think the plan for him is really good,” said coach Matt Rolle. Via Augusta Stone’s team website.

Rhule previously stated that McCaffrey is unlikely to go to three straight exercises once the pads are on. So far, so good.

“Oh, I feel great. Someday for us,” McCaffrey said, rambling about his cliches as impressively as he does with his defenses. “We work hard, we recover hard, we meet hard; we just do everything — we take it one day at a time.”

Handling carefully has been McCaffrey’s approach thus far, and the Panthers – and their many fantasy football owners – hope it will pay off with a healthy regular season.

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