December 7, 2022

In Friday’s broadcast of Fox News’ The Story, the White House National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications, John Kirby, responded to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi saying the country was willing to strengthen its ties with Russia by saying that while the two countries “cooperate with each other.” Some, at least in public.” But the two countries “do not have a long history of working together well. And so, we have to see how that works.” And China will have to decide whether it “will be ready for a more responsible power in the region and around the world.” Kirby also stated that China’s actions in Taiwan are not “actions of a responsible power.”

Kirby stated, [relevant exchange begins around 5:40] We’ve heard for a long time that China and Russia are getting closer to each other, at least in public. But we have to remember that these two countries are not strategically aligned on every issue. They don’t have a long history of working well together. And so, we have to see how this will happen. We certainly don’t think it is in China’s interest to side with Russia when Russia is now – now in about the sixth month of an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and Russia becoming more and more isolated from the international community. But China has a choice to make. I mean, they’re going to have to choose whether that’s who they want to go along with, that’s the direction that they want this to go, or they’re going to be ready for a more responsible force in the region and around the world.”

Then the host asked Jillian Turner, “Have you seen any indications that they’re willing to be more, I think you said the representative in charge, move on.”

Kirby replied, “I would say based on what we, Gillian, have seen in just the last few days, it’s clear what they’re doing we don’t find to be the actions of a responsible power. And that we haven’t been clear about urging them to de-escalate tensions, stop these exercises, stop aggressive rhetoric. which does nothing to contribute to peace and security, not only in and around Taiwan, but in the Western Pacific in general.”

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